Immigration law in Australia is one of the most complicated legal fields in Australia. The regulations and policies are always updated regularly. It isn’t very easy if you have to take care of the permits by yourself. Do you still want to live in Australia with all of its complicated visa regulations?  don’t worry; there are Hermis & Associates!

With their help, all your visa requirements will be guaranteed and easier to manage. Simar Hermis is a lawyer, as well as a registered immigration agent. In addition, Simar and his team at Hermis & Associates also have lots of experience in managing all visa categories. Get the information at What is the help that is offered by Hermis & Associates help?

1. Provide Consultation

Many of you often struggle with the requirements for making a visa. This often happens because of the uncertainty of information obtained. Hermis & Associates will help you professionally through consultation. Hermis & Associates will provide advice according to the circumstances, immigration history, and the purpose of your stay in Australia.

Based on information on the website all you need to prepare before consulting is a Photocopy of a Passport, a current Visa, and a previous Visa. That way Hermis & Associates will let you know the requirements, processing time, and costs. To get this consultation, you only need to pay AUD $ 200.

2. Visa Application Review Service

In addition to providing consultations, on its website (, it is also explained that we can get a review service before applying for a Visa. This service applies to those of you who want to apply for your own visa.

By using this service, you will get advice about the correctness of the application that will be submitted. Hermis & Associates will check whether any documents that will be submitted need to be changed deleted added, or not. So during the submission process, you don’t need to going back and forth to justify the wrong requirements.

3. Complete the Troubled Visa

Hermis & Associates are also capable of dealing with problematic visa applications. This has been proven by Simar Hermis, who has successfully represented many clubs in Australia and helped them cancel the Department’s decision to reject or cancel visas.

Now that’s the advantage offered by Hermis & Associates. Don’t hesitate to make your visa. Fill out the form now, only at