Vacationing is, of course, the thing that is awaited by family members. Visiting the beach has been proven to reduce depression because the brain becomes more relaxed. Koh Tao, Thailand, has many beautiful beaches. For the accommodation, many  beach villas Thailand offer a place to stay with a beach view.

However, vacation can be rather complicated if you bring babies. You need to consider the baby needs that must be carried.

However, taking your child to the beach can be a pleasant experience.

When planning a beach vacation with Children, please prepare everything well.


Forget how to clean sand from a baby’s skin using a towel.

It turns out that applying powder to the feet or arms can shed the sticking sand without aggressively rubbing your sensitive skin.

So, don’t forget to add the powder in your baby gear list while on vacation to the beach.


apply sunblock to your child’s skin to avoid direct sunburn.

Sunblock is very important. Choose sunblock that suits your child’s skin, especially if your child has sensitive skin.

You can look for sunblock from organic products that are fragrance-free, free of coloring, and free of alcohol. Usually, a good sunscreen for babies has SPF 50.

Sunblock will keep the child safe from the sun and sand rashes, as well as other elements that can irritate their skin at the beach.


After playing sand and water, don’t forget to bathe the child. In addition, you also need a bathrobe to dry the child’s body.

provide a large towel to dry the child’s body,

Choose a towel made from microfiber because it is lighter and easy to dry.


Playing on the beach will certainly drain a lot of energy. Always provide food and drinks or milk for your baby. If the hunger disappears, the child will feel happier playing on the beach.